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Paddy Power

Paddy Power is Ireland’s top independent bookmaker and are known for having a somewhat irreverent, but definitely generous, streak. Does that spirit carry over to the Paddy Power corporate offices, too?

For the most part, employees seem pretty happy with Paddy Power, though many of the reviews on sites like GlassDoor.com describe a workplace that’s dominated by machismo. More than one reviewer complained of nepotism at the company, but that’s to be expected almost anywhere.

The flip side of that story is that employees see Paddy Power as a company with great potential and above average pay.

If you’re interested in travel, but only speak English, Paddy Power might be a good company to sign up with. Currently they’ve got offices in Dublin, the Isle of Man, London, Aberdeen and Australia.

Paddy Power is also one of those igaming companies that likes to promote from within, so the corporate ladder is yours to climb there.

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