We’ve all read personal ads where the content was so boring and cliched, it couldn’t save even the hottest of love-seekers, i.e. energetic, motivated non-smoker who loves taking walks on the beach! Yawn.

The same concept goes with website content. Filling your website with run of the mill (there’s one) content could send your clients running in a different direction.

As a gaming affiliate, here are 25 words and phrases that should never see the light of day (there’s another) on your site.


This may be the most overused word in marketing. Every product worth buying is a quality product.


Value, like quality, is in the eye of the beholder. Every product or service has its own value.

Service You Deserve

Who doesn’t deserve good service? Bernie Madoff, perhaps.

High-Converting Offers

As opposed to low-converting? All offers should be high-converting.

“Best” Anything

There can only be one “best.” The Academy Awards doesn’t hand out multiple Oscars for Best Picture.


Don’t use the word “amazing” to describe anything that isn’t actually amazing. Other empty words to avoid include exceptional, excellent and superior.

Unique Opportunity

All opportunities are unique in their own way.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Once in a lifetime? Really? Probably not.


All marketing efforts should be results-oriented. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Proven Track Record

If you aren’t willing to list lengthy documentation of charts, graphs, and other statistical data that illustrate your gaming affiliate success, don’t include this phrase.

Solutions Provider

Of course you are trying to provide solutions. Do you want to advertise, “I won’t be able to help you?”

Act Now

As opposed to acting in 10 minutes? Can I get the pizza out of the oven first?

Thinking Outside the Box

Everyone is always trying to think outside the box. What’s wrong with thinking inside the box if you are good at it and can accomplish great things?

Guaranteed Results

Never guarantee any online-related results that you can’t absolutely positively back-up. You’re just asking for trouble.

As a Bonus

This phrase is like “free gift.” If it’s a good deal, users will know it’s a good deal. They don’t need to be reminded of bonus anything.

Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

Unless you are a genie, you probably shouldn’t declare this.

Professional or Trained Professional

People expect professionalism in business. And how can you be a professional if you haven’t been trained?

Last Chance to Take Advantage

Nobody believes this. And if it really is the last chance to provide helpful service to your gaming users, you are in the wrong business.

Unconventional Business Model

People like business models to have some conventional structure, otherwise it sounds a little bit too risky.

Win-Win Situation

As opposed to win-lose? Or lose-win? Or lose-lose? All business should be win-win.

Hit the Ground Running

Highly overused phrase. And why do you have to run everywhere, if a steady pace gets results? Slow down, speedy.

Increase ROI

All ROI’s should increase. That’s why they are called investments.

Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Another overused phrase. “Final Cost” will work just fine.

Industry Leader

Very elusive term. Can you prove that you are in fact a leader in your industry? If not, leave this out.

Exclamation Marks!

Use these sparingly in your online content. It gives the feeling of desperation.

As a gaming affiliate, are there other marketing words and phrases that you are sick and tired of seeing online? Or, are there words and phrases that you love to see? Tell us about it in our Beating a Dead Word House forum.

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