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Joshua Chan

Joshua Chan – Latest Casino Bonuses

LatestCasinoBonuses.com (LCB) is a true casino affiliate marketing success story with web traffic that most affiliate partners would kill to have.

One reason for LCB’s success is that site owner Joshua Chan is always working to take his business to the next level; regardless of how well he’s doing today.

Earlier this summer, Chan made a major move when he purchased GamesandCasino.com, another well-established igaming site. Chan’s big buy wasn’t cheap, but having an authority site of this caliber in your portfolio is something that’s worth spending a few bucks on.

The LCB team is hard at work re-tooling their new acquisition and making it as player-friendly as possible. It’s a big project but it’s just business-as-usual for the movers and shakers at LCB.

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