There are basically two kinds of advertisers: those who care about their own needs first, and those who care about their audience’s needs first.

In all likelihood, 2014 is going to be the year of profits for the latter and a year of friction for the former.

Here’s what you can do to get the best out of the situation and perfect your marketing orchestration:

No Big “Broadcast Campaigns”

“Broadcast campaigns” are pretty much a thing of the past by now. Mostly due to decreasing attention spans and the fact that the market is simply oversaturated by those things.

The secret in 2014 is about rolling out smaller campaigns that are targeted more accurately. Having two smaller campaigns instead of a big one can often produce better results, as the marketing message can be more detailed and thus, effective.

Customer Goals First

No matter what your affiliate niche is, there is always a certain goal that the average customer (audience member) has on their mind.

Making this goal possible first before taking care of your own goals will give you a better relationship with that customer.

Offer Personalization

These days there are way too many campaigns that look exactly the same on every medium they are rolled out to. This is a major mistake.

Through good targeting and using smaller campaigns, you can create a highly detailed offer that caters to every customer individually and takes care of their specific needs.

Understand the Data

Affiliate marketing is as much about gathering data on your audience’s behavior, as it is about understanding this data and then using it for future decisions.

For instance, instead of thinking that your audience isn’t receptive to your messages on Twitter because the data says so, the right thing to focus on would be to answer the question of why they are not receptive.

Integrate and Orchestrate Individual Channels

In 2014, you should no longer look at various channels of promotion thinking of them as individual places that need to achieve the same goal (most likely, sales).

In fact, modern promotion is about the big picture and not its elements.

For example, going for a direct sale on Twitter can be tough, but using Twitter to introduce the visitor to your brand and then try sending them over to your offer through other channels is surely something worth mastering.

Analytics Driven Action

Tracking and analytics is the bread and butter of thought-through promotion. This hasn’t changed for years. But in 2014, it becomes more important than ever to connect all the different channels you use for promotion, and gather data that gives you a picture of your efforts as a whole.

Looking at the Twitter example above, if the only thing you take into account is sales then Twitter won’t look good. But in the big picture, its presence is invaluable because it lets you drive new people into the funnel.

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