Success in affiliate marketing is usually the result of a well-planned marketing strategy that’s patiently executed over time. That’s why “right now” is the perfect time to start digging in and researching the trends and topics that will make or break your marketing campaign in 2014

Here are a few topics that you might want to keep in mind as you map out the next year.

The Legal Landscape

The advent of legal poker sites in Nevada, and full scale online casino gambling in New Jersey and Delaware is huge news for affiliate marketers. Though no one is really certain about what role the affiliates will play, it would be foolish to overlook this market entirely.

When planning out your US strategy, you’ll definitely want to paint with a very broad stroke. We’d suggest looking at big players like 888 H0ldings and DoubleDown Casino that are hitting the widest possible markets.

The sky is, potentially, the limit in American and who knows, we may even see legal online sports betting here in the next few years. Point being, now is the time to figure how you’re going to maximize the US market.

SEO Strategies

If the legal landscape in the igaming world is a roller coaster ride, the SEO landscape is roller coaster ride with a jet engine attached to the back car. Between Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and the next big Google update, traditional SEO strategies are getting upended every day.

Staying ahead of these ups and downs might require a new commitment to quality content and that boring white hat SEO Matt Cutts is always pushing. These fundamentals are less reliant on many of the metrics SEOs know and love, but if you’ve no longer got access to keyword data, you’ll have to have a backup plan.


Volatility has defined the igaming market for years and the launch of a few real money poker sites in the States won’t change that much at all. For that reason, all online casino affiliates should be looking to diversify their portfolio in the year head.

If you do a little research, you’ll find plenty of complimentary affiliate markets like FOREX and binary options.

You might also find that with the influx of social casinos, you might not even have to change your strategy much at all to keep those conversions flowing.

When it comes down to it, a person who plays online casino slots at a real-money site isn’t that much different from someone who is playing on a social site.

No matter what corner of the market you’re chasing, you’ll always be better off if you approach it with a good plan.

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