Does anyone do any sort of traditional media advertising in this day and age, honestly? Well, okay… they do. But we’re not talking about old-school offline businesses here, so they are out of the picture.

Leaving the traditional methods behind us, among our online business (affiliate) friends, we all know that online advertising is one of the main and quickest methods of getting traffic. So today, let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about it.

1. The high-end of online advertising (price-wise) YouTube charges $400,000 for a home page ad

It’s reported that the ad will receive around 60 million views every day. Getting it is surely a risky business, but if your affiliate efforts are on an advanced enough stage then you can consider it.

2. YouTube gets 10 times the viewers in a month than the Super Bowl

That’s only one more evidence to the power of YouTube.

3. Advertising on Twitter is driven by mobile

Around 65% of the total ad revenue on Twitter comes from mobile.

4. The majority of Twitter revenue comes from advertising

This isn’t very surprising on its own, but the number does impress. It’s currently at 87%.

5. Google AdWords still on the grow

It might seem that the platform has already reached its saturation point. However, it turns out that in 2013 it grew by another 22%.

6. There are more than 1.2 million advertisers on Google search

And the number continues to grow year after year.

7. Google AdSense, on the other hand, has over 2 million publishers

The network generates around $7 billion in earnings (2012 data).

8. A typical Google ad gets a CTR of 3.16%

Of course, this number is highly skewed by ads that do remarkably well. In other words, your results may vary.

9. Google dominates online ads

It’s reported that around 33% of all ad revenue online goes to Google (this accounts for more than $38 billion).

10. Facebook, although still high in revenue, is only a pawn in this game

Facebook has around 5% of the total market share in online ad revenue.

11. Google exists because of AdWords

Google gets 95% of its revenue from advertising. If it wasn’t for AdWords, we would have no Google.

12. Walmart is killing it with social media ads

The representatives at Walmart say that they get around a 1000% higher ROI from social media ads than any other ad campaigns.

13. The ROI for Facebook ads on the rise

It’s reported that the average ROI for ads increased by 152% (in the period of 20112-2013).

14. The iOS brings better ROI for Facebook ads than Android

And the difference isn’t small. The reported number is 1,790% in favor of the iPhone.

15. CTRs on the rise for Facebook ads as well

Retailers using Facebook report their CTRs to grow by 375% over the past year.

Originally published by Performance Marketing Insider.

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