Mobile devices are changing the way people across the planet, including online gamblers interact with the internet.

If you’re still holding back on a mobile marketing strategy for your casino affiliate sites, you’re leaving money and players on the table.

Mobile Penetration is Very Deep

You don’t need to be an expert in mobile marketing statistics to know that mobile devices, especially smart phones, are insanely popular.

Right now smart phones make up around 25% of all cellular subscriptions and that number is growing rapidly. Some sources estimate a smart phone penetration rate as high as 60% by the year 2019.

Move Over Desktop, Mobile is Boss

Desktop internet isn’t every going away, but it’s occupying an increasingly smaller portion of overall internet access.

Sure, office workers are always going to be logging on to the web from their cubicles for official business, but they’ll be logging on for personal business from their smart phones and tablet.

As recently as June of 2013, a full 35% of all web visitors were logging in from mobile devices. That was up 5% from the previous month and it’s a trend that’s still got a lot of life left.

Mobile Opens New Markets

Cellular towers are a lot cheaper to build than traditional telecom infrastructure and that’s led to a smart phone boom in under-developed parts of the world.

In short, the mobile revolution is bringing the internet, and igaming, to new markets in a way desktops never could.

Mobile + e-Mail= BFF

e-Mail is one of those technologies that’s so adaptable that it’s going to be around no matter what else happens. As it happens, e-mail and mobile are an incredibly good fit.

Most sources suggest that around 48%-50% of all e-mails are opened on mobile devices. For Gmail, that number may be as high as 60%.

Discrete Gambling? Yes, Please

Online gamblers love the way mobile devices keep their gambling habits as discrete as possible.

Looking to play the slots while waiting to get your oil changed? Want to place a wager on a soccer match from the shopping mall? Mobile opens those doors for your players.

It’s an App World

Mobile apps help keep your players in your little corner of the internet, which makes mobile app marketing and development a really good deal for affiliates.

Getting your first app off the ground takes some work, but can pay off big in the long haul.

Slots, Slots, Slots

Slots and fruit machines aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they’ve got some pretty loyal players. Those increasingly large smart phone and tablet screens are the perfect place to get your slots fix.

Social Gaming Converts

Social gambling sites like DoubleDown Casino and myVegas are building a new generation of online gamblers. Both of these social casinos have huge mobile player bases that are prime for real money gambling conversion.

Less Competition (For Now, Anyways)

Despite its phenomenal growth, mobile casino affiliate marketing is still a wide open market space. Of course that’s not going to be the case for long, but there’s still plenty of opportunity out there for mobile-minded affiliates.

Location, Location, Location

Most mobile devices come equipped with GPS systems that make location based mobile marketing a reality for just about any affiliate. If you’re ready to slice and dice your player demographics by location, mobile magic can make it happen.

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