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8. Full Tilt Sale/Player Reimbursement

Full Tilt Poker survived Black Friday by cutting off US players, but it’s days were numbered nonetheless. By 2011, the company lost its Alderney license and a number of its executives were facing criminal charges in the US.

After months of negotiations and a number of failed attempts to revive the brand, PokerStars purchase Full Tilt’s assets from the DOJ last summer.

As part of the agreement to relaunch the site, PokerStars agreed to reiumburse FTP players across the world. Affiliate partners, however, were not among the groups getting payouts from PokerStars.

Now, thanks to legalization efforts in the US, there’s a chance that US players will once again have a chance to play on FullTiltPoker.com. (They may even get to use the same money that’s been sitting in their accounts since 2010!)

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