Your website conversion rate is one of the few parameters that truly matter for your marketing effectiveness and overall profits. In fact, working on improving your conversion rate is something that always pays off, even if you just manage to make things better by tens of a percent.

So here are 10 things you can start working on right away to increase your conversion rates:

1. Use Simple Layouts

Simple layouts just work. That’s because they leave no questions unanswered.

It’s a commonly known fact that if at any point in time your visitor gets confused about anything, they will leave and you can forget about any conversion rate optimization.

Try using one-column layouts – there’s nothing simpler than this.

2. Frictionless Experience is Key

The point above is somewhat included in this, but frictionless experience goes a lot deeper.

For example, to deliver a truly conversion-optimized environment, you need to strip your page of anything that could lead to unnecessary scrolling on your visitor’s part.

For example: extra links, too much white space, unneeded icons.

3. Have a Very, Very Clear Call to Action

Everything that sounds too fancy for a call to action button probably is.

Stick with simple, three-word commands. Try not to use clever sounding expressions like “Yes, YOURNAME, I would like to get ____ from you and start my ____ journey right away!”

4. Short Conversion Funnel

The fewer steps there are in your funnel, the better. For an affiliate offer, the sweet spot is just one step – one click.

You don’t want to force users to go through three or four forms before a conversion is recorded in your account.

5. Feature Trust Elements

Why would someone trust you? To help them answer this question try featuring your actual contact info on the site, as well as online safety badges and “as seen on” logos if you have any.

6. Use Popups on Exit Intent

Popups don’t always work in their most basic form – appearing right away when someone visits your site – but they do work quite well on exit-intent.

Display a popup when someone is about to leave the page.

7. Bonuses and Additional Value

People came to your site to get something specific. To help them make the decision to take you up on your offer, give them something they don’t expect, a bonus of some kind.

8. Re-Convert Them With Ongoing Communication

It’s important to get your visitor’s contact data whenever they stumble upon your landing pages. Having it, you can reach out to them after they made the initial conversion and invite them to convert again.

9. Have Specific Mobile Content

Not every piece of content is suitable for mobile visitors. Try delivering something simplified just for them – something they can take action on right away.

10. Give Value First, Ask for Conversion Later

This is the simplest thing you can do, but it also tends to work best. In most cases, people are just not ready to throw money at your offer if they get no visible benefit right away.

Offer them information, or tips, or anything that’s usable immediately, yet remains somewhat incomplete, so they get one more reason for clicking your offer.

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