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  1. ChipSplit - Cutting off all "Lifetime" Commissions
  2. iAffiliates terms change - No 90 day warning prior to stealing
  3. Mr. Affiliate updates terms - adds email marketing exclusion
  4. Interpartners Adds High Roller Policy
  5. SBOBet Changes Terms - Fraud, Payments
  6. Betsson closing ACTIVE affiliate accounts
  7. Betsson clsoing ACTIVE affiliate accounts
  8. Commission Account updates payment methods
  9. Betfair adds Bingo, reduces commissions
  10. Winner Affiliates make revshare changes and more
  11. Chipsplit amends approved marketing materials clause
  12. Ellmount Gaming changes terms, won't pay US affiliates
  13. Chipsplit adds termination clause and more
  14. Gala Partners Terms Update - more coming soon?
  15. Affiliate Club allows 24 months to collect earnings
  16. AffUtd major terms updates
  17. Wager Junction makes terms changes affecting commissions: WARNING
  18. Referback adds and removes terms - termination and quota update
  19. Winner Affiliates changes terms, Adds territory exclusion and more
  20. Affiliate Edge adds criminal conviction to terms
  21. Euro Partners has negative carryover, adds territory exclusions
  22. Jackpot Party adds sub-affiliates to terms, plus more changes
  23. Unibet adds Unibet API to terms
  24. Market Ace updated several terms
  25. Poker Heaven adds fraud clause
  26. Prime Partners Updates predatory inactivity clause
  27. Winner Affiliates add Games revenue sharing
  28. Betdaq remove poker commission clause from terms
  29. Firebrand FAQ Update - Payment Dates
  30. Mr. Affiliate updates terms
  31. Probability Affiliates update terms
  32. Pokerstars Partners have updated definitions, Minimum Player Rule, more
  33. 7Red Affiliate Updates Territory Restrictions
  34. Wagershare adds Bundling and more
  35. Betfair changes terms, activity rule and more
  36. Mr Affiliate - Many T&C Changes
  37. Market-Ace updates Minimum Payment Terms
  38. Unibet Updates Terms
  39. Poker Affiliate Remove negative carryover clause
  40. Skybet updates restricted territories clause
  41. BeAffiliates changes Jurisdiction, adds rakeback, and more
  42. Wagershare ROGUE - do NOT promote
  43. Affactive updated high roller policy amount
  44. AffActive have updated their High Roller Policy
  45. Betboo add Minimum Player Rule along with 24 month commission restriction
  46. iGameFriends Update Many Terms including retroactive negative carryover
  47. AffEurope Updates Advertising Restrictions and Hybrid Commission Plan
  48. AffClub updates their territory exclusion clause
  49. AffActive have implemented a high-roller policy
  50. Wagershare Rogue Terms Update - Quota
  51. BringIt Affiliates Terms Change - AGD Requested
  52. AffEurope Terms Changes - Excluded Territories and more
  53. Gala Partners Updates Terms - AGD Requested Changes
  54. Referback updates terms - Privacy and High Roller Policy
  55. Live Casino Partners Terms Update - Commissions Payment Methods
  56. Party Partners Terms Update - BWin ownership changes terms predatory
  57. Commission365 have updated their commissions payment date
  58. EGO Terms Update - Minimum Activity Rule and Minimum Payment
  59. BetCruise Partnership
  60. ACF Webmaster puts Negative Carryover into Terms
  61. 10Bet Adds Predatory Terms
  62. Affiliate Lounge Terms Update - Fast Poker
  63. Netplay removes Net Revenue for Bingo Calulation from terms
  64. AffCoins remove derivative domains from terms
  65. Aspire Affiliates Update Terms - Taxes and more
  66. Circa Affiliates Update Terms - AGD Request
  67. EGO Terms Update - Revenue Sharing at 15%
  68. Wager Profits Updates Terms - Adds Quota
  69. AffEurope Terms Changes - Playing on Tracker
  70. Uffiliates Update Terms - Territory Changes
  71. Unibet from Predatory to Predatory
  72. Crazy Rewards - AGD Certified
  73. Lucky Jar Affiliates Terms Update - Friendly
  74. Lucky Jar Affiliates - Do Not Promote
  75. Interpartners changes terms back to affiliate friendly!
  76. Ladbrokes Commission Changes Rogued
  77. Interpartners terms changes considered ROGUE
  78. Interpartners Retroactively Applies Negative Carryover
  79. Eurobet Affiliates update Terms
  80. Wager Profits updates terms - no playing on affiliate accounts
  81. BetBoo Terms Changes are many
  82. BETDAQ Affiliates Terms Update
  83. Best Affiliate has a number of Predatory Clauses
  84. Wagershare Updates Terms - Marketing
  85. Referback Terms Update - Payment Service Provider Losses Update
  86. EGO update terms regarding tax
  87. Virgin Affiliates Terms Update - Territory Restrictions
  88. Sports Interaction Affiliates Terms Update - Qualified Player, Minimum Payment, and m
  89. Revenue Giants Updates Terms - New Clients, Commissions
  90. Uffiliates updates Terms - Tax Levy
  91. Party Partners update Terms - Minimum Payment and Negaive Carroveryt
  92. Centrebet Terms Update - Territory Update
  93. Doyles Room Affiliates Terms Update - Name Change
  94. Unibet changes terms - Negative Carryover
  95. Brightshare Updates Terms - Termination
  96. Pokerstars Partners Predatory Terms Changes
  97. Mansion Affiliates terms change - removing commissions
  98. Dafa888 terms update - added revshare tier
  99. Class1 Affiliates removes chargeback clause
  100. Casino.com terms change - removing commissions
  101. Aff Europe change terms - expand commission structure
  102. Wager Profits Updates Terms
  103. AffClub Terms Changes
  104. Referback Terms Update - Payment Service Provider Losses
  105. Grand Play Group - Lots of Changes
  106. YouWin changes terms to become affiliate-friendly
  107. SB Affiliates - Change a lot
  108. Virgin Affiliates - Poland added to Territory Exclusion Clause
  109. Pokerstars Partners updates terms, operational costs
  110. Genting Affiliates Update Terms - No Negative Carryover
  111. Wager Profits Marketing Clause Update
  112. Nogabet Affiliates Terms Change - Affiliate Friendly
  113. Euro Partners Multiple Terms Changes
  114. Centrebet changes Net Revenue and High Roller Policy
  115. Affiliates United Terms Alert - General Update
  116. Centrebet Terms Update - Multiple Affiliate Accounts
  117. JBet Terms Update - Affiliate Payments
  118. Wager Profits Update - Affiliate Payments
  119. YouWin removes predatory term
  120. Boyle Sports Updates Minimum Payment and more
  121. Frontline Gaming Partners (Formerly Wannabet Affiliates) remove Predatory term
  122. Frontline Gaming Partners (Formerly Wannabet Affiliates) are Predatory
  123. Purple Lounge updates Rakeback, Marketing Restrictions, and Revenue Calculations
  124. Wagershare Updates Play Under Affiliate Tag Rule
  125. Affiliate Club Adds Fees
  126. Mansion Affiliates Update Terms - Mansion Affiliates are Predatory
  127. Affiliates United Change Multiple Terms
  128. SB Affiliates will no longer update affiliates?
  129. Affclub changes auto-termination clause again
  130. 32Red Affiliates add French Territory Exclusion
  131. Affclub changes automatic termination clause
  132. Poker Affiliate World adds Inactivity Clause
  133. YouWin updates Rakeback Term
  134. Dafa888 Changes Revshare
  135. Mansion Affiliates update bonus promotion terms
  136. Wagershare Updates Terms
  137. Devilfish adds Minimum Activity Rule - Rogue
  138. EGO adds Territory Exclusion
  139. Nordicbet adds Loyalty Bonus Rule
  140. Go Wild Affiliates Add Territory Exclusion
  141. Devilfish Adds Minimum Payment(s)
  142. Revenue Giants adds Negative Carryover Conditionally
  143. Vegas Affiliates Adds French Exclusion
  144. Star Partner Updates Territory, Chargeback, Marketing, and High Roller Policy
  145. Wager Junction Removes Poker and Bingo
  146. Villento Affiliates update revshare and sub-affiliate clauses
  147. Rewards Affiliates Update French Exclusion
  148. Playshare Partners Territory Exclusion
  149. Mansion Affiliates Add Predatory Term
  150. Affclub follows Party Gaming to remove active affiliate rule
  151. 7Red Affiliates remove predatory term
  152. AffUtd updates poker gross rev term
  153. Totesport Affiliates add term for promoting bonus abuse
  154. Brightshare adds French Exclusion
  155. Totesport removes activity clause
  156. SB Affiliates Update PPC Terms
  157. EGamingOnline excludes CPA affiliates from plaing on own tag
  158. Brightshare adds French Exclusion tasid 39
  159. Playshare Partners Territory Exclusion tasid 41
  160. Red Returns adds French Territory Exclusion tasid 12
  161. SB Affiliates Update PPC Terms tasid 14
  162. EGamingOnline excludes CPA affiliates from plaing on own tag tasid 25
  163. AffUtd updates poker gross rev term tasid 29
  164. Totesport removes activity clause tasid 31
  165. 7Red Affiliates remove predatory term tasid 33
  166. Affclub follows Party Gaming to remove active affiliate rule tasid 35
  167. Mansion Affiliates Add Predatory Term tasid 37
  168. Rewards Affiliates Update Exclusion for French Player Promotion tasid 10
  169. Totesport Affiliates add term for promoting bonus abuse tasid 27