I have just recently added member reviews on site, where both the members and I can write reviews of casinos we play tourneys out.. they are kind of site specific, but if you can use them, feel free.. remember to leave the credit and the site url @ the bottom... Cathy

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Well the Ladies of Holdem had their first game @ PokerWorld the other day. I won a small amount of cash… I think I placed 7th or so.. not sure exactly, been playing A LOT of games lately! I really should keep a log! I had a great time chatting with all the other ladies there, it was quite a bit of fun! We’ve had some pretty spicey games chats lately, so this was a nice change of pace!

After the game, I took my modest winnings and added 20 bux, lets see what this site has to offer! I went in search of a table. Good to go.. but…. Umm… noone is at any of the tables I want to play! Actually there is scarcely anyone playing at all! I looked up to the top of my screen where there are a whopping… 73 people online! WHAT?!??!

The few people that are playing, seem to be playing either Limit/pot limit or higher stakes than I want to play. Well that’s ok, I can deal! I’m a chatty girl. I sat down at an empty table and onward to the other tables I wandered in search of people to play with!

I mentioned in a few limit rooms where I was waiting for players, and in a few of the modest stakes NL games. Presto! I finally had a game goin! 3 players to start, but we quickly found ourselves at a full table!

I guess they must be pretty new? Solitude is nice.. not at my poker table though please

I quickly discovered that I am not a fan of the slow moving bet slider, and I am just much to lazy to actually type my bet! I did like the chop and straddle options, I wont ever use them or anything. But hey! Neat that they’re there. LOL

During my down time (waiting for a dang hand!) I wandered over to the promotions page ( I know I know, I always think about this AFTER I deposit! ) They had some fun stuff goin’ on, bounty games, choose your favorite player awards, player pages.. I’ll probably make one of those. I’m kinda cheeky so y’know I always do the profile thang.

Their deposit and redeposit bonus’ was topless 20%. Topless bonuses rock, if I’m feeling broke one day, and want my lil deposit to last, I’ll remember PokerWorld, 20% is a bit on the low side though!

Finally, I lost mah 20 bux! It’s a decent casino. Probably not on my top ten, and I doubt I’ll be there real often, but it could have been much worse. Definitely needs more players. I’m not much for the cheesy buttons either, but I could deal! I’ll check back later and see what PokerWorld is up to maybe they’ll fix things up a bit, and find some folks!

Ladies of Holdem