By paul

It’s hardly a resounding vote of confidence in the online gambling industry, but one leading Democrat says the US is unlikely to pass an anti-online gambling bill this year. The reason: not enough time, mainly.

Rep. Barney Frank said there is not enough time, and more pressing issues for Congress to deal with this year. 'I think it's pretty clear they will not be able to get a bill this year. I don't know about next year,' said Frank, speaking at a meeting of the Cato Institute, a libertarian advocacy group in Washington, D.C.

The House voted 319-104 on June 10 this year to ban credit cards, checks and electronic fund transfers for online gambling, and on July 31, the Senate Banking Committee voted 19-0 to pass a bill by Senator Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., which is identical to the House bill with one exception.: Ky’s bill would stop individual states legalizing online gambling in-state.

The American Gaming Association (AGA) took exception to the above clause, and is trying to negotiate its removal with Kyl.

Frank said Kyl can’t please everyone on this one, which is why it will lose his bill enough votes to prevent a total ban: 'I think there aren't the votes to do a complete ban, and once you start making exemptions and exceptions, the whole thing starts to unravel,' Frank said.