So, I know this is Casino Affiliate Programs boards, and this is about a pure poker website, but I feel it is appropriate to post a warning here nonetheless. It's all gambling right?

So in 2017 this new online site, Global Poker, hit the scene. They marketed heavily in the United States as being 100% legal in all 50 states.

This is a pretty bold claim given the history of online poker in the USA. I mean, we all remember Black Friday on April 15th, 2011 yes? And as I'm sure many of you know, if you still work with US traffic at all, is that some of the remaining poker sites are also casinos/sportsbooks mainly and have to operate offshore in order to provide games to US players. They also are de facto barred from advertising on television, radio, etc because no company will touch online poker due to the ambiguity of law post-Black Friday.

The main issue that these remaining poker sites have to contend with is moving money legally and safely to and from US players. The Unlawful Internet Gaming and Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, is the big hurdle here as it creates potential legal trouble for any US bank or credit card to knowingly process gambling transactions.

This is where Global Poker supposedly shines. They offer PayPal deposits and withdrawals!

How in the hell do they do that you might ask? Well, that's a great question that I personally don't know the real answer to. If you ask them, all the way from lowly customer service reps all the way up the chain to the General Manager, a Mr. Jonas Odman (formerly of Bodog group), they will tell you that GP's lawyers have heavily vetted their business model. Supposedly so have PayPal's and FaceBook's (they advertise heavily on FB) lawyers. Supposedly all is well.

What irks me is that PayPal is notorious for closing down user accounts for suspicious activity, terms and conditions violations that many users dispute, and all manner of other chicanery. If you search right now there are no less than a half a dozen websites dedicated to how much PayPal sucks/scams/blows, pick the negative adjective and you get the point. In fact, there are already reports on some forums about players making big cash outs and getting flagged by PayPal. Even getting their accounts closed despite this site being "totally legal" and "legit".

To be fair, I don't think this is Global's doing, but I do think the fact that they have only ONE deposit and withdrawal method is a huge warning sign for potential users.

Furthermore, we haven't even gotten into how they are supposedly legal. They are a "Sweepstakes" and not a "real money poker site".

To which I say LO****INGL.

When you make a purchase on Global, you buy Gold Coins which have no value and are essentially play money chips. However, you magically get an equal equivalent of $weeps Cash which you can play other poker games with.

Your $weeps Cash can be withdrawn for US dollars!

Sounds like $weeps Cash are just a proxy for USD and that this is real money poker, but Global insists that it is not.

I suggest that you think twice before becoming an affiliate for them. They don't offer rev-share by the way.

Only time will tell I suppose. Read more about Global Poker.