It seems that the CEO and other members of Burnbet Casino are out for blood. Literally. As found out the hard way.

It seems that LCB put up a negative review of BurnBet. In response BBC (lol, just realized their acronym) decided to harass and then threaten all sorts of crazy ****. They threatened to spend $20,000 euros to find LCB's owner's real name, location, etc. BBC then proceeded to go on and on about mafia connections, murders of people taking bicycle rides, and all sorts of amazingly scummy behavior.

LatestCasinoBonuses posted about these issues on other affiliate forums, but I thought it warranted posting here too even though CAP isn't as well trafficked as it once ways. Here are links to the stories/threads on GPWA and AGD. Shamelessly, I will also post my own thoughts on the matter here.

BurnBet has been using illegal pirated games. That's what started this all. When called out for it, all hell broke loose. It is a shame we have to deal with behavior like this in our industry. It's been a couple decades now since online gambling was born and decades since the mafia ran Las Vegas. Let's just all get along amiright?