Your only chance to get these rare premium .casino domains on Sedo on a 7 days auction

These domains were bought by us very early, before the " Landrush Period" in 2015, where it was first to buy gets the domain.

The "Landrush Period":
Another advance registration period, known as the “landrush period” or “early access phase,” was opened May 27 2015. The landrush period was open to anyone willing to pay the fees associated with obtaining a landrush registration.
Landrush registration fees depended on the date of registration. The registration fees started at $12,500 per dot casino domain on the first day of landrush. The fees decrease to $4,500 on the second day, $1,500 on day three, $950 on day four, and $250.00 on days five through seven. These fees where in addition to the general registration fees for a .casino domain name.
Bidding is here:

Why are we selling now?:
We are selling these preimium domains, because we unfortunately don't have the time to develop the sites.