Sportsbooks, I am looking to produce high-quality YouTube videos, always simulcast as podcasts (I’m picked up by Sticher, iTunes, TuneIn, etc) for you. I am open to either barter, meaning I will produce for FREE. In return, I can advertise my sports picks sites Of course, I promote whatever your sportsbook is looking to push. In return, you give it heavy the exposure on your website, social media, etc.

If you prefer not to link to my website, which does have a small number of sportsbooks on it, I will also do it for contract work. I have made different kinds of videos over the years including:

Evergreen with a green screen.

Daily content with Keynote/Power Point animated video. This I prefer for time-intensive videos in which a quick turnaround is ideal.

Odds rundown using aforesaid Keynote/PP. Obviously this may be of most interest to sportsbooks. I do not always simulcast these as I’d have to do a straight odds read to make it suitable for podcasts. In return, I find it successful for conversions because I can promote product while data is on the screen.

You don’t have to be a sportsbook though ideal for barter option from a synergy standpoint. You can contact me at, though to avoid getting in my SPAM folder, feel free to use contactus at my site.