Hi. I'm Alex and I've been writing articles on various topics for the last 8 years. I've worked full time for three different clients during the last couple of years, doing mostly slot reviews, and now I'm available again. In the next couple of days I'll be able to take new orders, so check out the offer below and get in touch if you need a writer.

Slot Reviews

$2 per 100 words, via PayPal or Skrill

I can't offer discounts for large orders or for long term work, but I will include the option to take screenshots of the games I review, if you need them.

I've done over 3,000 slot reviews during the last two years, and I'm very comfortable with them, so I'm offering this type of article mainly.

News Articles

$2 per 100 words, via PayPal or Skrill

If you need the latest news for your website, I can deliver articles on the topics that you choose, on a regular basis (concerning jackpot wins, new slot machines that are announced or released, or whatever other news appear for the niche that you're in).

Casino Reviews

$2.50 per 100 words, via PayPal or Skrill

Casino reviews take longer to write, more research being needed for them, so that's the reason for the extra cost.

Slot Videos

I will create videos of slot machine gameplay, with 2-3 minutes each one. The videos include a look at the paytable info and rules pages that each slot machine has, followed by actual gameplay. You can use these videos to add some unique content to your slot reviews.

You have an example of a slot gameplay video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yijPfxZpubk


$2.50 for a slot video of 2+ minutes (you get the download link for the files)
$3 for the slot video + upload to YouTube/DailyMotion/your own site and editing a page on the site to include the embed code. You also get a download link, in case you want to save them on your PC as well.

All slot videos are unique and you have all the rights for them. I record a new one for each client, I don't sell the same one multiple times.

Combo Packages

For orders that include both slot reviews and slot videos, the prices are:

$1.80 per 100 words via PayPal or Skrill for the slot reviews

$2 for a slot video of 2+ minutes (you get the download link)
$2.50 for slot videos that are uploaded to a site and then the embed code is placed in the slot review.