Greetings to all affiliates!

Important Payment Information

Hi all, I hope everybody is doing well and making money. On that topic, there has been some very important news to come from the banks. Processors have streamlined their processes and therefore the requirements for processing wires have become more rigid. We are told that wires will NOT be delayed in the meantime. Basically they will give us a grace period of accepting/processing payments in the old format, but haven't given a definite date. As a result we will be contacting our affiliates by email, or phone and getting the new required data from them.

Now, as we all know wires cost affiliates money on both ends of the transfer and this turn of events is just adding to the hassle since there are different requirements for every country. The solution would be using an e-wallet. CasinoRewards prefers NETeller as it has become a trusted name in the gaming industry, allowing you to get your money quickly, alleviating lost transfers and the need for those swift traces.

40% RevShare for getting my business card!

You guys all know I've just recently taken this position as Affiliate Manager here at I will be attending the Casino Affiliate Conference in Amsterdam on April 7-8th. In an effort to get to meet you guys, I am offering a special deal of 40% RevShare for a month. Introduce yourself, get a business card and we will set you up with the 40%. We are also organizing a dinner on Friday, the 8th, which you are invited to attend ... yes, dinner is on us! Just email me to set things up.


You guys know the easier it is for players to deposit the easier it is for you guys to make money. We have added a new payment method to help this situation. UseMyBank is a new online payment solution for Canadians creating a bridge between the casino and a players bank's online banking center. Here are the highlights:

  • You can deposit as many Casino credits as you want, provided you have sufficient funds in your Bank Account.
  • UseMyBank caters for real-time transactions, thus Players can be credited in real time for deposits they make.
  • An existing Internet banking infrastructure is used for safe and secure transactions.
  • Transactions are billed in Canadian Dollars.

The Poker Update

We are now just around the corner from launching our new poker site. As you know, I've been hinting at a few key things which would really set this new site apart from the rest. We have now finished the first round of creatives and are on schedule to meet our April 1st launch! Please contact me directly if you are interested in helping test the new site.

Ryan, Affiliate Manager
The CasinoRewards Team