I'm a long term gambling affiliate, as you can see from my join date. I've worked in high paying verticals for quite a long time.

I'm running a skin care affiliate program, and offering proven webmasters higher commissions than can be found publicly.

I can also offer a lot of tips and tricks, as well as amateur product photos, etc.

This is good for those of you who are good at SEO. This is a little known brand, and we've decided we need to fill the serps with affiliates. If you can rank for our product names, go for it.

If you're experienced with facebook or youtube, there's another good avenue.

Pinterest? Instagram? I have no idea, but maybe you do.

PM me for more info, and we can talk more via skype, YIM, etc.

I know a lot about what I'm doing and I'm willing to help beginner-intermediate webmasters, or facilitate pros.

If you're already in certain skin care niches, you've heard of our brands. Now you have an inside track. PM for more info, and let's all make a little more money.