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New affiliates signing up to Betfair during the months of July, August, and September can earn up to £200 CPA for casino traffic, when their players reach the following triggers:

TOTAL CPA TRIGGER (in Casino Net Revenue)
£50 £5
£100 £15
£200 £50

For example, when a player generates £5 in NR, the affiliate will receive £50. When the player reaches £15 in generated NR, we will pay another £50. Then, when the customer reaches £50 in generated NR, we will pay £100 CPA. So, the affiliate will receive a total of £200. All payments will be made as part of the normal payment process.
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Standard terms and conditions apply. Affiliates and sites based in some regions will be restricted from taking part due to legal restrictions. For all other products aside from Casino, standard rev share rates apply.

If CPA is not your cup of tea and you'd prefer setting up a different deal you can contact our CAP's very own Mark S at or Betfair's Affiliate Support Team at