Please join us in welcoming to CAP! provides the easiest and most versatile way to maximize profits. With 4 different commission structures and the ability to generate and manage multiple campaigns utilizing some or all of the commission structures, affiliates can easily customize how they want to make money in all aspects of their affiliation.

"Both of our product sites offer a variety of games to meet the needs of most players. There are games based on pop culture, leisure activities (bowling, darts etc.) and classic games. Every player who registers has 3 different registration levels. Practice players play for free with pretend money. The site also offers every new account 5 EURO free. Players who take the 5 free EURO are playing with real money and can win real money. Finally, players have the option of depositing their own money, depositing players, and can win big. Because 1 in 3 attempts wins, players are likely to win often enough to keep them returning.

What we as an affiliate program pride ourselves on is simplicity. Affiliates shouldn't need a masters in Algebra to figure out their commission. Our commission structures are straight forward and easy to understand so that there is no guessing or "I'll have to trust you on that one" Everything is there in black and white and very easy."

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