December’s Big Affiliate Promotion

Earn Extra CPA Commissions in December

Refer more new traders to eToro in December and earn extra CPA commissions for every extra FTD you bring in.
FTDs Increase Extra CPA
10%-19% $20 CPA
20%-29% $30 CPA
30% and more$50 CPA

For example, if in November you brought in a total of 15 FTDs and in December your referred 20 FTDs, your total increase is 33% and in this case you will be credited an extra $50 for each of the 5 extra FTDs you brought in. Your total extra CPA commissions will be $250.
* Minimum average value of $150 net revenues for each FTD is required to be eligible for this offer.
** Minimum 5 FTDs in December are required to participate in this promotion.
*** eToro Partners reserves the right to prevent affiliates on special commission plans from participating in this promotion.