How to Create an Effective Video Guide.

Videos are a great tool to promote eToro online. From our experience, we believe that a good video can sell the product much better than most other marketing tools due to its viral nature. Naturally, we encourage all our affiliates to use the videos available in their eToro Partners account, but also to create their own videos to help spread the eToro brand. However, because videos spread around the internet so quickly, it’s important to make sure that they don’t hurt the eToro brand, and don’t damage our results in the long run. Therefore, we would like to ask you to follow some general guidelines in order for your campaign to be successful without harming our mutual marketing efforts.

When you create a title for your video make sure you use strong keywords (you can consult YouTube’s tools to advise you:
Use tags to enhance search results (Our experience shows that it is recommended to use between 15-20 tags). You can also use annotations.
Create a good description for your video (something that will make the YouTube surfer click on your video rather than others).
When thinking about the content of your video, we recommend that you emphasize our intuitive platform, our vast trading community, our favorable trading conditions, our 4 tier VIP account program and all the other eToro advantages that you can find here: From our experience this is what attracts most traders to eToro.
Create additional users on YouTube and upload the same videos but with different title/tags/description.
Every video you publish should get as much comments as possible to improve ratings. You can use your additional users to increase the amount of comments you have.
Promote your videos by commenting on other YouTube videos and posting a link to your video/landing page.
Remember: more content = more views.
A massive release of few videos is better than a gradual release of one video at a time - it creates momentum.

We strongly recommend not using phrases such as “make easy money” or “fast profits”.
You might think this kind of promises will bring you more effective and fast results, but in the long run it diminishes the eToro brand and ruins your credibility.
Do not write our name as ETORO or Etoro. The name of the product is eToro and if you choose to use the name in your video please make sure it is written correctly, otherwise it will have a negative effect both on the brand and on your video’s results.
Do not post videos with unrelated content as part of your eToro campaign. Cute kittens might make your video popular but they won’t make the viewers interested in eToro. The more relevant your content is to eToro the more likely it is to have good results.

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