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    Default Ziigmund and Powerpoker featured in a rap video

    POWERPOKER.COM, RÄHINÄ RECORDS AND PABLO FILMS PRESENT: A music video spectacle by one of Finland’s most famous rap stars Uniikki featuring rap stars Elastinen & Spekti – “Pojat On Poikii” (“Boys Will Be Boys”)

    The freshly released music video “Pojat On Poikii” delivers unseen and beyond imaginative video material to the fans of Finnish hiphop label Rähinä Records about how “boys will be boys”. The video tells a story about how the Finnish rap artists and poker celebrity Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies make champagne flow, beautiful women twirl around them and how crazy the going can actually get in the wee small hours of the morning.

    This unique music video is a production by, Pablo Films, Rähinä Records and Finnish poker star Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies, who also is one of the masterminds behind the video’s concept.

    "This was such a crazy idea from Ziigmund, very true to his style, so there was no way PowerPoker was ever turning the co-operation down" says Jacqui Gatt, VIP Manager of

    “The video is about how the guys from Rähinä Records tag along to spend a night of some serious partying with our very own poker celeb Ilari Sahamies. At first everything goes smoothly, the champagne flows and there are lots of beautiful women, until in the small hours of the morning the going gets really crazy and a party of some very interesting characters join our group”, Finnish rap star Uniikki comments the video with a knowing smile on his face.

    On the screen you can also see a glimpse of Finnish celebrities, for example Finland’s most popular Idol star Anna Abreu as well as renowned restaurant and nightclub chain owner Sedu Koskinen who does a remarkable cameo in the video.

    “The video is seriously over the top and laughs at every single cliché seen in hiphop videos before, and that is exactly what we were aiming for. It is a hilarious story for my own and Rähinä’s fans and I am more than excited about the video’s reception in the hiphop scene.”

    Quote from Ziigmunds blog:

    "We filmed rap-video two weeks ago and Its out now...Its really cool I think and everybody is happy now....Power Poker was producer/sponsor etc etc...Rapper is Uniikki feat.Spekti and Elastinen and Im some fcking host or special guest or some like that..Those guys are top rappers in Finland...Filming was super funny and there it is..its fcking hot....warning for girls:dont squirting and get 20 orgasm in a row"

    Check out the video clip here:
    Ziigmund and Powerpoker featured in a rap video
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    As i watched the videos and their interviews that they are serious about making rap music, but i guess that isn't serious. The videos and lyrics are all about about partying, busting balls and banging chicks. Here's the translation of the Finnish rap music... though i have nothing against the them its a good start for PowerPoker Tv appearances.

    Bo-bo-bo-boys are boys, busting balls
    Boys are boys, bu-bu-busting balls
    Bo-boys are boys, busting balls
    B-bo-boys are boys, b-bu-busting balls

    Entering with flow, here we hang on to traditions, still throwing excretion to the haters faces

    Still no problems, no need to prove (anything), my own choice, you can sleep or study

    Exiting with flow, now paying for deeds, banging some result, we actually have it much cooler than it looks outside

    Not explained with money, it has to do with love and I have not seen my eyelid for a month

    Even though we shake hands, you are still not close. Such a nasty "partying" that a "tall guy" would probably be ashamed

    Amateurs are not ready for some serious work, viper faces sell their country as soon as it "rains" a little

    But it's a surprise that some people do "get it on", brawling is and stays from "legwork" to scuffle

    No hurry to sign some goof to "join the team", it's not like in the big world, but the biggest balls in the world

    Bo-bo-bo-boys are boys, busting balls
    Boys are boys, bu-bu-busting balls
    Bo-boys are boys, busting balls (and they pump "da cigar")
    B-bo-boys are boys, b-bu-busting balls

    Spekti didn't "call it for the night", could we go to that tent and sleep even though it is not midsummer or drink coffee and eat buns

    Chicks like me cause I have a big co..golden clock and if this is not big, then tell me who has or tell me rather that who has very big clocks

    They are my favorite gang and the younger the more considerate

    It's ****ing pointless for you to hang out and I don't need anything else as long as I get some pus..juice box

    Because I am ****ing thirsty and you are to me only a one night account (pan-o = a f**k, pan-kkitili = bank account)

    Full with cash and I am "pumping da cigar"

    I don't know what is the matter with you and I don't know what is the matter with her but I have a feeling that your partying is kinda wussy, so give me a pen and I will draw a mustache in your pussy

    Bo-bo-bo-boys are boys, busting balls
    Boys are boys, bu-bu-busting balls
    Bo-boys are boys, busting balls
    B-bo-boys are boys, b-bu-busting balls

    It is D-a-n-i Uniikki, the goal is to get to "legwork"

    I just wanna get high and in your pants and so that this thing wouldn't "fail", "please give me a blow job"

    Yes-yes, but if you don't put out then I ****ing crack like the pay-tv in the hotel

    This gang holds steady together with full speed and I hope everything goes well when Spekti takes the "ignition liquid"

    And a couple more rushlights to Kimmo then a smile to Seiska (a tabloid newspaper in Finland): "Say cheese"

    Really cool, all the tricks have been learned from tiksipirkka (Niksi-Pirkka is a column in the finnish Pirkka-magazine were you learn all kinda tricks).

    We will "drink a few long drinks for putting the cigar in the ashtray" (this is really not an accurate translation at all)

    What will this cost? For us it is pretty ****ing free. You will pay, Däni "can't be bothered". Well, it's pretty ****ing quiet

    But this is the time to party for ****s sake, scream: "Phou" and show me your "double falcons", yee
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