The Eurobet Affiliates team will be attending the London Affiliate Conference (28-31 January – Old Billingsgate, London) and to mark this occasion we have decided to offer some exclusive deals for the new and existing affiliates that will be kind enough to drop by and say hello.

Commission WildCard!*

Sign-up with us during LAC (28-31/01/2010) and receive a VIP Commissions WildCard. The WildCard gives you 40% Net Revenue Share on all Eurobet products for 3 commission periods! The WildCard can be played at any time – so you can start building your traffic or finish your website before you play it! You will need to sign up between the 28th and the 31st of January as the offer expires after this date!
Other programmes tend to offer higher commissions when you need them the least, as soon as you sign-up. We allow you to select to have a higher revenue share whenever you want and thus you can multiply your earnings!
*only valid for new affiliate registrations between 28th-31st of January 2010


Leave your business card with us and receive an invite to our exclusive LAC CommissionRoll, where affiliates get to compete against each other on a poker table, for a chance to win a VIP level commission schemes on our poker platform!

Winner: 55% on Poker until 06/06/2010
Places 2-5: 45% on Poker until 06/06/2010
Places 5-10: 40% on Poker until 06/06/2010

Exclusive Commission Schemes

Sign-up with Eurobet Affiliates now and earn up to 50% revenue share!
If you already have an affiliate account with us, we will be more than happy to offer you one of the following deals as well. The only thing you have to do is ask nicely!

The ‘All Rounder’ profile is aimed for affiliates targeting recreational players and promoting all Eurobet products. The ‘Poker Ace’ profile is designed specifically to meet the needs of Poker affiliates and the ‘All Star’ profile is intended for affiliates at the top of their game!

All Rounder Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Sports 25% 27.5% 30% 32.5%
Casino/Games/Bingo 25% 27.5% 30% 35%
Poker /Dice 25% 27.5% 30% 32.5%

Poker AceLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Poker /Dice30%32.5%35%40%

All StarLevel 1Levels 2,3,4Level 5
Any 1 Product*27.5%30%50%
Any 2 Products*25%27.5%50%
*Products available are: Sports, Games, Casino, Poker and Bingo.


Level 1 0-4,500 0-4,500 0-8,000
Level 2 4,501-10,000 4,501-10,000 8,001-18,000
Level 3 10,001-18,000 10,001-18,000 18,001-30,000
Level 4 18,001+ 18,001+ 30,000+
Level 5* 50,000+ 50,000+ 80,000+
* Only valid for ‘All Star’ Profile

The figures below represent the Net Revenue generated by referred customers according to the affiliate account currency per commission period. “Net Revenue” means customers losses per period less (i) customer winnings; (ii) financial charges incurred by us; (iii) customer charge backs; (iv) taxes; and (v) bonuses given to customers by us.

These offers are available for a limited period only. If you are interested, all you have to do is drop by Stand 51 at LAC. If you want to know more please send us an email at:

Best regards,