As you've probably noticed by now, we’ve just completely overhauled our CAP News section. It’s been redesigned with a sharper, more modern look, including images and a commenting function. And the latest stories are now also always featured on the home page (see for yourself!).

Wait a second did someone say "commenting function"? Why yes, we did. Now, all CAP News stories (and press releases, which are now technically a part of the “CAP News” section) let readers comment on converse about the day's hottest topics. So, if you have thoughts on a story, you can go ahead and let the world know by adding a comment. There’s no user registration required for commenting (although we will of course have to remove anything offensive or objectionable—that’s understandable, right?) …

We’re excited about these changes, and we hope this all adds up to help keep you better informed. After all, knowledge is power, and in an industry where things change as fast as they do in online gaming, keeping up on the latest industry events is a necessity.

Unfortunately, this does also mean that News stories will no longer be posted in their entirety here at the CAP Forum. However, we think you'll like checking out the CAP News section everyday instead. And, to make sure you don't miss out on the headlines, we’ll continue posting the day's news topics here, with a link to the actual story. The best way to stay up to date, though, is to bookmark the new CAP News page today!

Check it out now and let us know what you think!