Hi all,

CWC Affiliates is giving you the chance to give your commissions a boost this summer with a crazy new promotion we have titled...

The Summer of Love!

This mega promotion, run over 2 months June and July 2009, gives you the chance to increase your commissions earned this summer by a massive 15% on top of your standard monthly earnings*.

How It Works:
We have created a tiered structure based on the number of depositors you refer to ALL OUR BRANDS; Club World, Aladdin’s Gold and even our new brand Lucky Red. Combining all 3 of our brands in this way gives you the best chance of earning the maximum amount of commissions possible based on the scale below. Don’t forget, you will earn the bonus commission on ALL the previous traffic you sent to our brands so you earn even more from this fantastic CWC Affiliates promotion.

Depositors Commission Bonus
0 > 9 = 0%
10 > 50 = 5%
51 > 100 = 10%
101+ = 15%
* Terms and Conditions Apply

Send 4 players to ClubUSA, 4 players to Aladdin’s Gold and another 4 to Lucky Red (12 deposing players total) and straight away you earn yourself an extra 5% commission on their activity. On top of this you also earn the bonus on traffic you have already sent us in previous months!

You need not worry about the technical side of the promotion, there isn’t one, all you need to do is give our brands maximum coverage to help you earn the maximum possible from this promotion. The more depositing players the bigger the % you will earn. Remember, the bonus % is added to your standard commission rate.

Let your commissions Bloom this June...and July! (I had to add the cheese)

All creative is ready and waiting for you in your affiliate admin area, simply login and click on banners and update the links from the brands we have on offer. Login today with your username (superaff) and get ready for this massive promotion.

If you have a mailing list, a loyal following on your forum or regular organic traffic and you want to earn more cash, then this is the promotion for you this summer. Promote Club World, Aladdin’s Gold and Lucky Red and get the return you have been looking for!

Do you know affiliates that would be interested in this deal, use your sub affiliate link to sign them up and earn 5% of their Net Win also!
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* Terms and conditions apply
- Duration of promotion between June 1st 2009 through July 31st 2009 (pay
- Commissions earned will be capped to a maximum of 50% revenue share.
- Commission bonus paid out manually in the following months payment run.
- Commission bonus will not show in online affiliate stats.
- Bonus is based on Depositing players from your reports.
- FTD Tier is reset for new months.
- The decision of CWC Affiliates management will be final.

If you want to know more information on this offer or require any help in promoting our brands please feel free to get in touch with Martyn on martyn@cwcaffiliates.com.