It makes sense that if you are running promotions through any affiliate program, you want to maximise the way in which your ad creatives work for you, so that you can increase your reasons for running the ad.

Here's some tips and helpful information that you may wish to apply to your bingo/gaming promotions:

  1. Run traffic reports as regularly as you can. Check what your users are searching for, where they came from, and where they exit your site, and compare this against what you want from them.
  2. Gear your ad display towards your visitor's behaviour. If the general trend of site entry, page requests, and site exits change over time, then adapt your ads and related content to account for this.
  3. Always remember that your site visitors are clever and choosy. With so much competition between sites, you cannot afford to annoy them with pointless, targetless ads.
  4. Place ads in locations that are in context with the service they advertise. Putting a bingo banner in a poker section might not work as well as placing the ad in a dedicate bingo sub-section. If you don't already have the correct category, then build a new page for this purpose.
  5. Decide on which spots convert the most on your site. Experiment, day by day, by positioning the same banner in pre-defined locations on your site. Where does it get a better CTR? Try these areas: footer, header, left margin, right margin, mid-page.
  6. Do you need a banner or a text ad? Sometimes, a subtle increase in CTR can be achieved by creating hyperlinks within review or story text (e.g., 'bingo review') that point to your affiliate tracker ID. Large banners may be more appropriate if you want to dominate your users' attention.
  7. The more times a visitor has to click, the less likely they are to convert. A two-or-three stage click through may be helpful to keep your site's content and structure increasingly relevant, but your visitor may become impatient. Try giving a very obvious alternative like 'click here to joinup' on every page to maintain the flow of traffic from your site to the target site.
  8. Revolve your ads. Instead of presenting your user with 10 banners on one page, why not try displaying a different banner with each unique page request? A dedicated ad, with a dedicated offer, might make your user more dedicated to clicking-through.
  9. Is your creative up to date? If an ad is very old, it may not seem relevant, or it may have a now-defunct tracker ID or landing page attached to it. Whichever affiliate network you're on, always keep your creatives up to date.
  10. Persuade your visitors. Simply putting a banner on a blank page is not meaningful. Put banners and other creative in the context of a story or review of the site. This way, your visitors will be given a good reason to click through.
There's a useful - but more general - article about increasing CTR here.

If you need help improve your CTR on your gaming/bingo promotions, then email us for more information. Click here to become a Market-ace affiliate.

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