It is not possible to accept this situation.

This situation destroy this market.

I think that it is incredible to have this situation : some important website considere this soiceties as the better, in forum the players are against this society.

It is not accetable this.

I think that we must left a part of our earn to create a comunity that protect us and give us more the right.

Example : If I want to close a account or My account is close, I want to have some $$$ for every player.

We must accept only the society that have a transparent balance and every society must repsect a ethical code and good governance.

I am avaible give a link from my website [ homepage ] for one future webiste : our aim must be not to destroy some societies but to have a big group of society that are and seem honest ( with trasparent transaction and balance and a good governance ).

can you advice some good affiliation now for me ?