Here's an interesting idea...

We know that the Senate control came down to a very small number of votes in a couple of states. What if a poll were conducted in those states that showed the Internet gambling ban was the direct cause of enough swing voters to tip the scales? That would seem to be an interesting observation that perhaps the mainstream media would pick up.

And, it's very likely true. Here are the vote totals from Montana and Virginia:
  • Jon Tester (D) 198302 votes
  • Conrad Burns (R) 195455 votes

  • Jim Webb (D) 1172671 votes
  • George Allen (R) 1165440 votes

In Virginia, if a mere 3616 voters changed their vote from Allen to Webb as a direct result of the gambling ban, then the gambling ban is directly responsible for the change of Senate leadership. In Montana, it takes only 1424 voters to draw the same conclusion.