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    Default No, but I'll write her again

    The only letter I saved was the one from Barbra Boxer and all she did was dance around the issue. As much as I dissagree with everything that Polosi sayd and does at least she is up front about it.

    What I will do though is I will email her a question and kind of frame it like " now that your in such a high position, will you at least try and take the online wager part out of the safe ports act and give it a fair chance for an up or down vote.

    I dont know if her stance on that will be as strong as her last stance when I just posed the question how whould you vote on the issue, but after all, I think what all of us in this forum want is a fair shake on the issue.

    Airing our concerns in here is one thing, but I still say, enough with the same ole same ole bs bad mouthing a whole group because of a few wackos, (I too am disgusted with Frist and so glad he not running, well he id running, runing away, but hey, lets put out efforts in writting out house people, we got what we want, democrates in power, thats all I heard, lets get the dems in. Well, lets let them help us and no make any excuses for anything. Write them.

    No spell check here, gonna go and try and help myself and all of you by writting someone in a party that all of you told me would help us, come on guys, get to typing.

    PS I just want to add, this is nothing personal against you or anyone in here, Im with you guys/gals, I have a gaming website too. My thoughs are only , if we are to win we cant afford to be like sheep and just follow what we read on the net or in bias news papers. I happen to be a libertian and in most cases vote that way. I would bet most people didnt even know that the new speaker is completly against making gaming legal, so he we are still blasting Frist, when what good is that doing, now that the dems are in , lets get going, that my only intention. If I offended anyone, Im sorry.
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    Well, too bad you don't have that old letter from Pelosi...

    APCW will do whatever we can... public or private... to combat this corrupted system that has taken so much from us.

    See you all on the battlefield...
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