The scoop on Reid. How will he react to current legislation and what will this mean for us, if anything ??????

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Sen. Harry Reid (news, bio, voting record) regulated gambling in his home state of Nevada when the mob controlled casinos. He mastered arcane Senate procedures as the Democrats' second-in-command for six years and their leader the past two years.

With the election giving Democrats control of the Senate following four years of GOP dominance, the gold miner's son from tiny Searchlight, Nev., is in line to become majority leader. Soft-spoken yet shrewd, Reid brings a tough hide and intricate knowledge of the Senate to a job where he'll need both.

"I always would rather dance than fight," Reid likes to say. "But I know how to fight."

Reid, 66, grew up hardscrabble in a downtrodden mining town in the Mojave Desert, and worked his way through college, then law school in Washington as a Capitol Hill cop. He served five years as chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission in the late 1970s, and climbed the ranks in state politics from lieutenant governor to congressman to senator, winning his fourth Senate term in 2004.
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