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    Default radio speaks of ways to get around banking for US players

    Hi all,

    I was speaking to my brother tonight about our situation and he said he'd heard on the radio they were already talking about ways around the banking situation ...

    Western Union was mentioned as a way. This of course will mean numerous colorful angles to using it such as changing the name of the person you send money to ... nearly every day or perhaps even more often.

    But it IS a way around the banking situation which WILL allow those in the states to continue playing though its true they risk persecution.

    However one must consider that it is rediculous to think the punishment for this ... IF you are caught... which will be extremly hard to prove ... cannot be too serious. and it just shows that there are going to be players in the US who WILL continue to play ... its really just a matter of where they will find casinos/poker rooms/ sports books which are willing to go the extra mile to get their business.

    while I agree this IS an extreme it also shows that ingenuity will prevail over idiotic laws just as it did when prohibition came into effect.

    as time goes by I think more and easier ways to get around things will appear on the horizon and in time wiser minds will prevail and this idiotic law will find itself on the shelf next to many other such idiotic endeavors that never had any chance of lasting.

    curious to your thoughts ...
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    Default Good maybe or not

    Hi ya

    Well whilst it's good (maybe) that some are already 'embracing' the new potential situation, maybe they are being a bit quick (IMHO)

    Either way, again IMHO, it's not really the best way to go -I'm more than happy for things to be regulated properly so us webbies don't have to deal with the (relatively very few) complaints but rather people can deal with one organisation where they will feel there opinions are treated fairly.

    One day, we will get there - but it will be a long long drive to get there.

    The main point I guess in this post is - is it really the right way to go - whilst it may help us affiliates in the short term - the whole idea of introducing another infinite number of payment options (we already list 35+) - is this really the way things 'should' be going? maybe anything is better than nothing but I can't help feeling that doing things in a 'roundabout' way - is maybe more morally wrong than the BS reasons for the US 'voted into power' that they are sending people via their miscontrued messages

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    There will be ways to get money into a casino for Americans - somehow.

    Waiting for the first casino to not honour an American winner under such circumstances.

    Cynic? Probably....
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    Waiting for the first casino to not honour an American winner under such circumstances.
    excellent point!

    and you can bet there will be casinos who will use this (as yet another way) of avoiding payment.

    actually the point I was trying to make in this thread is that there WILL be players from the states still playing so the thought that the entire 80% of the market will be gone is not as likely as what some first thought.
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