I am looking for some long term advertisers on www.DeuceAce.com

By long term I mean 3, 6 and 12 months contracts.

I am already doing this on a few other sites of mine, www.WebmasterForums.net and www.AllDotNet.com for example and I am starting to do it with my others.

What I am looking for is up to 4 advertisers that will receive a sitewide button ad in the left navigation of the site, a banner in rotation in the header, a sitewide text link and their site/affiliate information will be included in a monthly email to members.

This is an amazing opportunity for an affiliate. DeuceAce is the next site I will be working on full time, I am a full time webmaster and I am concentrating on 3 sites now, DeuceAce is one of them.
I have started selling off all my other sites and money from the sales will be going towards my 3 main sites, this is a considerable amount that will really benefit the sites.

I can guarantee targets to the advertisers, be it running at least one contest monthly with prizes worth over $500, reaching x new members per month and reaching x posts per month or having x unique visitors/month for example.

Like I said, I am doing this on a few other sites and it is working very well.

I would like to do this for a prepayment, be it for the 3, 6 or 12 months and I don't mind doing it in instalments (A minimum of 3 months each instalment).

The rate will be set at our agreement and the money must be paid as per the agreement, your rate will stay at the same level we agree and I must meet any targets we set out.

This really could be a great long term deal for some affiliates, I have a lot planned for DeuceAce and like I said, I also have a considerable amount of cash to play with to develop the site and the community and site will be improved as a whole.


Please post here or PM if you are interested.