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Prime Partners

Program Details

Prime Partners is an affiliate program that allows members to promote MegaCasino, PrimeScratchCards, PrimeCasino, PrimeBackGammon, and Play65.

Each of the brands in the Prime Partners stable has it’s own revenue structure.

MegaCasino affiliates all earn a 50% commission on all revenues generated during their first month, if they choose the revenue commission reward structure. Thereafter, revenues vary between 25% and 40%, depending on how many players you send to the site. The MegaCasino program also has a pay per lead system, that allows you to earn between $2 and $4 per lead referred, and a CPA program, that pays up to $100 (and in some cases more) per player.

PrimeScratchCards has a similar CPA and pay per lead referral system, but commissions on net revenues varies between 25% and 35%.

PrimeCasino offers only a revenue commission reward system. All new affiliates earn a guaranteed 35% during their first month, and thereafter, there’s a tiered system that pays between 25% and 40% on net revenues, depending on how many paying players you refer to the site.

PrimeBackGammon pays affiliates based on the revenues generated by their players. The system starts at 20% for revenues up to $10,000, and goes all the way up to 35% for affiliates whose players generate $50,000 or more. Play65, which is another backgammon program, offers tiered revenues of between 20% and 35% of the revenues generated by players, with a similar structure.

The Prime Partners system also allows affiliates to earn an additional 15% commission on the revenues generated by sub affiliates.

Payments to Prime Partners affiliates happens on the 15th of the month, provided you have met the minimum payment thresholds. Payments are made either by Neteller, or by wire or bank transfer.

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