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Play 65 Partners

Program Details

Play 65 Partners is an online gaming affiliate partnership that’s a little different – because it allows you to promote backgammon, rather than the usual casinos, poker or sports betting.

This is also one of the few programs that you can promote in the US – because backgammon is considered a game of skill, not gambling, which means it’s not regulated by the US online gambling law. There are also free and real money games on the servers, so players can choose how they want to play.

There are several ways to earn when you refer real money players to the Play 65 backgammon room online. First, there’s the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) program, which offers up to $200 per payout. Then there’s the revenue sharing option, where you receive between 20 and 35% commission on revenues generated by betting, depending on the volume of bets. The site does use tracking cookies too, so your players stay your players, and as long as they keep betting, you keep earning commissions. There’s also a hybrid payment model, where you can combine CPA and commission based revenues.

The Play 65 Partners program is free to join, and payments are made to affiliates by check, wire transfer, Neteller or Paypal, so it’s accessible to affiliates from around the world.

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