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Offer Forge

Program Details

Offer Forge is an online marketing and affiliate marketing network, that connects advertisers and agencies in all kinds of niches with affiliates who want to promote their products.

The system works like this: an advertiser looking to promote a product, service or website signs up with Offer Forge, and sets their commission rates and other criteria. Publishers, or affiliates, then sign up for Offer Forge, and find advertisers that offer affiliate programs that match their site content and demographic. They then sign up, and promote those products, and the advertisers pay Offer Forge, who then takes a 30% fee, and pays the affiliates the remaining 70% commission.

Certain advertisers programs are only available through Offer Forge, and the company screens advertisers on behalf of their affiliates, to find high converting, high earning products and services.

Offer Forge handles all affiliate payouts, and payments are made regularly to all their affiliates, in a variety of currencies, and using a variety of payment methods.

There are offers that match nearly every website and blog niche, and while it does cost a fee to belong to the program, it is easier and more convenient to manage multiple affiliate programs in one place, and through one dashboard.

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