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Golden Palace Affiliates

Why They Are Rogue

The trouble all started back in 1997, when a web design company was hired to create over forty custom sites for Golden Palace. They were nearly finished with the work, when Golden Palace unilaterally changed the terms of their agreement. Instead of the 17% they had promised the developers in question, Golden Palace apparently wanted the agreement changed to 11% - and there were several other contractual irregularities that are mentioned by the company.

All of this may not seem like a big deal – after all, it’s an issue between a service provider and their client! However, if you consider that the service provider in question had access to much more money for legal advice than the average affiliate, and that the average affiliate IS a service provider, it does cast a serious shadow of doubt on the company. There are also reports of the company spamming gaming affiliates.

Program Details

The Golden Palace Affiliates program is based on a well known formula in the industry: you send visitors to their site, they sign up as players, and you earn a share of the revenues from their bets.

Even better, they offer 50% revenue share for the first few months after you sign up for the program regardless of the volumes of bets places by your players. There’s a tiered earnings structure based on volumes thereafter, where you can earn between 10% and 45% of the revenues you send to the site.

They also offer 5% on first tier referred affiliates in your down line, and 2.5% on second tier affiliates, and there’s a no loss clause in their agreement. There are, however, some less than promising reports about their adherence to their contracts.

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