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GGS Affiliates

Program Details

GGS Affiliates is also known as Gaming Partners. They operate the Va-Bank online casino in Russian and English, as well as the BestForPlay online casino.

The program offers up to 70% net revenue share, and they have several commission options for affiliates.

The Regomania or Pay Per Registration option is what you would usually call a CPA option. Affiliates earn per paying player they sign up for the system.

The Depositmania or Deposit Share option offers affiliates a minimum of 20% of all the deposits made by their players. No withdrawals are an issue if you opt for this particular payment option.

The Profitmania or Profit Sharing option is what you would call the commission based option, where you can earn 50% or more of the net revenues of your players – but deposits AND withdrawals are taken into account, so it’s a much more volatile option. There is a no negative carry over policy though, so your earnings will reset at the end of the month.

There are two other payment schemes on the site – pay per click and pay per view, which related to banner views and clicks, but at present, neither are available to affiliates.

GGS Affiliates are paid twice monthly, as long as earnings exceed $20. Payment options are wire transfer, Moneybookers, Webmoney and several other, lesser known payment processors. Wire transfers are only available on amounts of over $2,000.

GGS Affiliates do have access to an online dashboard, to track their earnings, and they also have access to free marketing materials and banners. There is no cost to sign up as an affiliate.

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