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Run and operated by both GloboTech and NYX Interactive was developed specifically for the Brazilian market because its built mainly in Portuguese.  

Games include 50, 75, 90 and variant bingo along with card games including blackjack, poke, video poker and slot games, including roulette. Promotions include their initial deposits matched (up to $200 Reals) along with subsequent deposits matched by half.   

Affiliates can earn up to 55% commission during the initial 4 months based on the following tier:

Month 1:  55%
Month 2:  50%
Month 3:  45%
Month 4:  40% (regular rate)

After the first four months, the percentage commission compensation is based on the following:

0 New depositors = 30% net revenue
1 to 2 New depositors = 35% net revenue
3 to 9 New depositors = 40% net revenue
10 to 15 New depositors = 45% net revenue
15 or more New depositors = 50% net revenue

Referred visitors earn for their affiliates throughout the lifetime of gambling.  Earning commissions is also possible through the cost per acquisition model, which is determined by the volume of referrals and cannot be quantified.  Affiliates wishing to have a percentage and cost per acquisition model should refer to the website operators to hammer out a deal. Secondary referrals can earn the business a 5% net revenue share.  NYX and NYX Interactive are the two software platforms used on this website.         Portuguese is a supported language to target Brazilian player with Reals .  

Payments of 50 Pounds or more are released via Bank Check or Wire Transfer or Moneybookers between the 1st and the 7th of each month. Balances of less than 50 Pounds won't be paid through Wire Transfer.    

Affiliates have their own personal coach and software dashboard to mange their marketing.  Marketing materials are updated on a constant basis.  Marketing materials consist of banners, text links, and mailers.    

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