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Gambling Affiliation

Program Details

Gambling Affiliation is not so much a gambling affiliate program, as it is a platform that helps you choose and manage gambling affiliate programs from one location. The company is partnered with over 40 iGaming brands, and as an affiliate, you have the opportunity to promote any of those brands on your website.

Gambling Affiliation lets you choose the specific campaigns you want to offer to your visitors. They work as a ‘middle man’ offering support, legal advice and mediation where necessary, between affiliates and program owners.

There’s no fixed rate for Gambling Affiliation commissions, since there are several programs you can promote, all of which set their own commission and revenue sharing structure. However, Gambling Affiliation does have significant ‘buying power’ when it comes to dealing with the casinos and operators in their stable, so they do negotiate good rates for their affiliates.

They also offer programs that pay you revenue for life, based on your players’ ongoing deposits, as well as CPA options, where you get paid per referral. Tracking is done through the Gambling Affiliation website, so you can see all the campaigns you’re promoting at the same time, and it’s an easy to use and transparent interface.

The program is free to join, and you don’t need to have a gambling specific website to sign up. You can sign up even if you live outside of Europe, and there are a variety of payment methods for affiliates, so no matter where you live, you should find one that works for you.

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