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This program begun in 2000 by the aforementioned name.  This company participates with Finotec who runs and manages all of the trading portion of this website.

There are nearly 5,000 daily hits and over 9600 daily page views for this website.

This website enables traders to trade stocks, bonds, commodities all over the world on almost nearly every index.  Clients who sign up through an affiliate receive ¼ more of the initial deposit.

Affiliates have access to an internal software dashboard that monitors one's referred affiliates and all of their activities.  Percentages or commissions are negotiated individually between each client and the website operators themselves, up to 30%.  There are no earning limits. The highest paid per account option is $200.

ForexCash pays its affiliates when their account balance has reached $100.  Earnings span the lifetime of the visitor on the website. Personal account payments are up to the discretion of this website. No software is required to be downloaded.

Payment is made by the 10th of the following month by Bank Wire or a pre-negotiated method, and business accounts are only guaranteed payment.

ForexCash gives its affiliates eye-catching banners, links, blogs/forums and e-mail marketing tools to advertise on one's company's website.  Each link is customized to one's affiliate ID to ensure one receives payment.

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