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Forex Metal

Program Details

Forex Metal went online during January of 2007.  The website is domiciled in Belize City, in the country of Belize.

This website offers website operators the opportunity to make commissions in a variety of ways. Website owners simply refer traders, of any stock, commodity, index, etc., and earn money based on their referred traders' placed trades.  This website covers all types and kinds of trades; referrals just have to be any sort of trader, that trades any sort of commodity.  This website also does promotions, for example, it offers cash bonuses, products, trials, etc.  Promotions also include making more money from referred customers.  There is no approval process for businesses outside of filling out the form and registering.  Visitors can use their website with the smart phones and tablet PCs.

Affiliates have three different ways to make money:

- $5 payment to affiliates for every new user.

-  Affiliates get 10% of each deposit from every referral, for a the user's lifetime.

- 1% of commission from online trading, in addition to profit sharing

The primary language is English.

Forex Metal remits payments, a minimum of $10 at the end of each month, to their Affiliates, through a mailed check or users can withdraw it through a third party, from their account.

Affiliates receive a unique identifier link which is embedded into the hyperlink or banner.

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