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Crazy Rewards

Program Details

Crazy Rewards is a European online gambling and gaming affiliate program, that allows you to represent and promote several different brands and online gaming products. They offer traditional slots and casino style games, as well as an online scratch card game known as ‘CrazyScratch’ and a soon to be launched bingo game that will be active in Britain.

A few of the Crazy Rewards programs, like Nettiarpa, which is a Finnish site, and Mr. Spil, which is Danish, are geographically specific, but others operate all over Europe.

The Crazy Rewards program offers a choice of two types of revenue for affiliates: commissions based on revenues, or a CPA system.

If you opt for the commission based program, you will earn a percentage of the revenues generated by your paying players – 30% for revenues up to 15,000, 35% up to 30,000, 40% up to 50,000 and 45% for anything over 50,000. Your players also remain your players, thanks to the tracking cookies on their systems, so you can earn revenues from them as long as they keep depositing money into their accounts.

If you opt for the CPA based system of payment, you earn rewards based on the number of paying players you refer to the system. 1 to 50 players will earn you 40 Euros, up to 150 players 45 Euros, up to 250 players will get you 60 Euros per player, and anything over 251 players will get you 75 Euros per player. Remember, however, that like other systems, you only get paid for players who deposit real money into their accounts.

The program is free to join, payments are made on a monthly basis, and there are several different ways to get paid, including wire transfer.

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