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Class 1 Affiliates

Program Details

Class 1 Affiliates is a British gambling affiliate program, that allows affiliates to promote brands within the Class 1 Casino. The casino features over two hundred games for players to choose from.

There are three revenue options for affiliates who promote Class 1 casino – a commission option, a CPA option, and a hybrid of the two.

The commission based revenue option offers affiliates commissions of between 25% (for revenue earnings of up to $5,000), to 40% (for earnings of $50,001 and over.) There are two other tiers in between, of 30% and 35% respectively, that also apply to a particular earnings bracket.

Earnings for the commissions based revenue structure are for net revenues generated by your players, and your earnings are for life, so as long as your players keep betting, you keep earning.

The CPA model is also based on the number of players you send to the casino, and it’s a once off payment, that is based on players who sign up, and for each paying player that you sign up, you will earn $100. Earnings are not as high as the commission based plan, but they are a lot more stable.

Finally, there are the hybrid deals, which are a combination of both commissions on player revenues, and CPA deals. There is no standard hybrid model, and if you want to go this route, you will need to contact Class 1 Affiliates directly, to discuss and negotiate an individual package.

Signing up for Class 1 Affiliates is quick, easy and free. There’s a stable and reliable affiliate backend where you can track your earnings, as well as free marketing materials. Class 1 Affiliates also supports over 20 payment methods, making it one of the most accessible gambling affiliate programs for international affiliates.

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