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Casino Lusitano

Program Details

The Casino Lusitano affiliate program is the online marketing system for Casino Lusitano, an online gaming property based in Curacao.

Affiliates who sign up for the program have the opportunity to market any or all of the casino games they choose to promote, signing up is free, and there’s a non exclusivity policy, so if you choose to promote other sites, that’s fine.

The earnings system for Casino Lusitano is simple: you earn 30% commission on net revenues generated by player losses for any volume up to $10,000 per month, and 35% if your players generate more than that. Earnings for your players are for life, so as long as they keep playing, you keep earning.

Payments to affiliates of the Casino Lusitano program are paid on the 10th of each month, using a variety of popular payment methods. There’s an online tracking system for affiliates too, so if you need to keep track of your earnings, you will have the tools to do so. Reports are updated every 24 hours, so you should be able to log in once a day, and keep track of your earnings.

There is a $100 minimum earnings threshold for affiliates who sign up for the program, and if you don’t earn that much in any pay period, your earnings will be rolled over to the next pay period.

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