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Why They Are Rogue

In December of 2009, the Gambling Affiliates Union issued a warning to their members, about the CashWave program. Affiliates who had not been paid had requested their intervention, but the CashWave management team did not respond.

The program may not have been officially designated as rogue by any of the affiliate bodies, but it is worth exercising caution when deciding to promote any casinos through the CashWave system.

Program Details

The CashWave affiliate program allows affiliates to market several different online casinos and gaming sites, including PlayersVegas, LadyDream Casino and GoldBetting Casino, among others.

The program offers three ways to earn: a net revenue model, that pays 50% of net revenues generated from player losses, a CPA program, that pays between $100 and $300 per player referral, depending on how many you refer, and a every deposit program, that offers 20% commission on every deposit your players make. There’s also a combination program, that offers a combination of all the various payment programs.

Partners of the CashWave program can choose different remuneration plans for each of their campaigns, and all earnings are tracked using the online dashboard affiliate login. There’s also a 5% commission available for sub affiliates that you refer to the program.

Affiliates of the program are paid on the first Monday of any month, for earnings in the previous month.

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