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Buy.at is an affiliate program aggregator that operates in the UK, and in the US. Each area has a slightly different selection of affiliate programs on offer, but most are well known brands, that attract customers easily, and pay well.

Each of the advertisers that promote their programs through the Buy.at platform offers a slightly different commissions and earnings structure, so once you sign up, you will need to go through the options on offer, and find the ones that suit your site and audience, as well as offer the best deals.

The site also promotes open communication between affiliates and merchants directly – and has a detailed tracking system where you can view earnings across all platforms and merchants in one place.

When it comes to payments, the Buy.at system is a little more complex than most. Because there are so many programs on offer, there are several different minimum payment thresholds to deal with, and programs may not be available to all affiliates from all areas. It’s best to join the program, and find the platforms and products that meet your needs individually.

Each program that is active in your area will probably approve your site manually, so you may wait a few days before you can begin marketing a service you’ve chosen. Each also has individual criteria for sites, so while one may approve your site and it’s content, another may not.

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