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BingoA2Z Affiliates was created in 2008.  The BingoA2Z website itself has existed since 2002.   BingoA2Z is owned and operated by the Bingo Tide Management Company (www.bingotide.com).

BingoA2Z features a moderated chat room and full staff website to make sure the website is always working and the games are fully moderated.  Bingo Tide offers a full array of casino style games including progressive jackpots, cash and prize giveaways, including cars.  The website also offers bingo games, card games, slot machine games, etc.  The website offers $5.00 to start on their website and has round the clock customer service for all of its customers.  There is full disclosure regarding their gambling and depositing rules.

Businesses are compensated based on the percentage of how much a player deposits in their account.  Compensation does not matter how much a player plays, wins or loses, but only how much is deposited.  It works as follows:

17% of a deposit between $0 - $5,000

20% of a deposit between $5,000 - $10,000

25% of a deposit between $10,000 - $20,000

30% of a deposit between $20,000 or more

Webmasters are entitled to 17 – 30% share (lifetime earnings)

This website gives companies a software dashboard to track referred played and traffic information.  Real time and instant information, with individualized coded tracking information for each referred user is available through the program, with the ability to analyze each user's traffic and website usage, along with report generation abilities.  As long as the referred customers use the affiliate ID, your business is guaranteed to make money. Statistics include:  Impressions, Clicks, Downloads, Signups of verified customers, and your business' share of profits.  Affiliate programs include:  BingoCard, Bingo Charm,  BingoTide, BingoLoL, BingoCrazy, 1776Bingo, Free Bee Bingo and Bingo-Millionaire.  The only software platform it supports is Parlay Games.

BingoA2Z pays its affiliates either through Neteller or Western Union only.  Neteller is used when a payment is at least $50 or more and is paid weekly on Fridays.  If one chooses to use Western Union, a payment of at least $100 or more will be paid once a month, normally on the first Friday of the month.  If a monthly minimum is not met, it will roll over into next month's tally.

BingoA2Z give affiliates a plethora of shapes and types of advertising banners for one's website.

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