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Big Heart Bingo

Program Details

The Big Heart Bingo site, and the associated affiliate program, have something a little different to offer in the way of online gaming and affiliate programs. That’s because Big Heart Bingo is also a charity. It’s a non profit organisation, which uses a large chunk of the profits to support worthy causes. Other than that though, it operates much like other online gambling sites.

The commissions structure for Big Heart Bingo is based on a tiered system, but the tiers themselves are rather large – for instance, all net revenues up to 25,000 Pounds will earn you 25%, which increases in 25,000 Pound increments to 40%, and only reaches 45% if you bring in revenues in excess of 1 million Pounds! Perhaps the charity element will encourage your players to bet more, but it could take a very long time before you’re earning the top tier off your players!

You can also earn 10% off the revenues generated by your sub affiliates, if you refer them, and earnings are per player for life, and with no negative rollover.

Affiliates of the program are only paid by bank transfer and by check. Payments are processed monthly, based on invoices, and you will be paid your commissions if they reach 200 Pounds (check) or 750 Pounds (wire transfer.) Otherwise, your commissions will rollover to the next payment period.

All affiliates of the program have access to online tracking, and to marketing materials, and the program is free to join.

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